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About Us

We have been in the customer service industry for four generations. We are in the business of interior designing and transforming the building of items into a collective unit. This unit that we call home is made up of the people who live in it and what it means to them. We are made up of interior designers, architects, and builders who come together to give life to a blueprint.

When it comes to home furniture, we insist on items that go with the flow and not something that has to be inserted to fill the space. Home decor is more than making the space beautiful. It is about giving meaning to the environment and making it a living space for the home owner.

The furniture also has to have its utility value. A couch is rendered useless if it cannot be utilized in any manner. The same goes for the antique grandfather clocks and the dining tables and chairs. When we are called upon for inspecting the property, we also like to meet the people who are going to live in it before suggesting the kind of home decor that should be used in the space.

We are innovative as well as creative. We have an eye for the texture, fabric, colour and all the other elements that can be used in the given space. With good communication and excellent listening skills, we have the ability to explain your vision back to you so that you can realize what you truly want for your home.

Our high aptitude in the world of technical drawing and illustration is what captivates your imagination and enhances your ideas. We are here to tell you how best to implement your desire. We are very flexible in our approach and are here to make your home comfortable in your way.


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